David Frost

But talks can't go on past December 31, PM's spokesperson says
PM tells industry leaders anxious about stalled negotiations "rien ne vas plus", which means "no more bets" in the casino game.
David Frost and Michel Barnier have a very public argument about the “facts” around food imports.
According to reports the government plans to "consciously" undermine the exit agreement recently signed with the EU.
After another round of faltering talks, Brussels' chief negotiator says: "I simply don’t understand why we are wasting valuable time."
Former PM says Brexit aide David Frost is a "political appointee".
David Frost's appointment as national security adviser means his Brexit negotiator role will be abolished around the end of summer.
Gavin Williamson accepts the appointment of David Frost as national security adviser was a political move.
PM's Brexit negotiator David Frost to become national security adviser, with a competition launched to fill Sedwill's cabinet secretary post.
UK's top negotiator David Frost rejects Tory MP's suggestion that only the Johnson-Cummings team can "get Brexit done".