David Frost

Lord Frost said more British people die from the cold than hot temperatures.
“I don’t recognise this story at all," Steve Barclay said.
The Conservative Party's civil war is on full display with MPs, Lords and party members tearing chunks off each other.
Mordaunt is already pipped to be one of the final contenders for the top job in No.10.
The Conservative peer also said he had been pushed and shouted at on trains.
EU offers concessions after Tory minister David Frost proposes plans for an entirely new Northern Ireland Protocol – "trashing" a deal he once triumphed.
Lord Frost appears to blame Brussels for trade barriers despite negotiating the deal to take the UK out of the single market.
Former PM blasts his role in National Security Council leak.
PM's ally will work as a Cabinet Office minister under Michael Gove on how to "maximise the opportunities of Brexit".
Snap of PM and David Frost alongside immaculately dressed Michel Barnier and Ursula von de Leyen has been brutally mocked.