david lammy

Did you know that 92% of the UK music industry is white? Does that matter? Who cares? Does it matter when you consider that it's totally unrepresentative of the music scene's artist's, promoter's, record label's worker's and fan's? It does matter.
Why is it that in Britain our criminal courts remain untelevised? Why is it that high profile cases - like the current phone hacking trials in the Old Bailey, which has huge repercussions for our democracy and will be closely followed around the world - can only be conveyed to us as second-hand information?
Coalition ministers have "badly let down" young people looking for other career options like taking an apprenticeship instead
A London minimum wage may not be a panacea for all poverty in the capital, but it will provide a number of families with increased financial stability, and it will do so without jeopardising London's job market.
I really enjoy rolling slang around my mouth like happy little word-pigs in swill. It is so. damn. fun. The challenge now, is to ensure that children realise the fundamental different between slang and The Queen's English
A politician has apologised after she said 2011's riots were "the best thing that's happened" in her community for a while
Israel could be a model to help rebuild the UK's economy, an influential Labour MP has said, because the government is prepared
Conservative David Burrowes accused David Lammy of "playing the race card", after the Labour MP compared the fight for gay
David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, has urged the government to "go after the landlords" instead of bringing in a benefits cap
People from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are twice as likely to be unemployed than white women - and are reporting