Death certificate

The official document contains some unofficial wording that might be stretching things a bit.
Deaths are meant to be recorded with 24 hours. No one could tell us why some were taking up to nine months.
As well as being "brutal", lack of options on death certificates could be putting people at risk.
Jeanne Pouchain’s status as deceased is the result of a court decision that deemed her dead even though no death certificate was produced.
A Long Island criminal defendant tried faking his death to avoid a jail sentence, but the phoney death certificate his lawyer submitted had a glaring spelling error.
New figures from the Office for National Statistics also show care homes that don't give staff sick pay are more likely to have outbreaks of the illness.
The statistics from the ONS include people dying outside of hospitals whose death certificates mentioned Covid-19.
You may not have as much control as you'd like after your parent's death, so be proactive now.