Some people feel like they're coming down with a bad cold while others feel significantly worse.
If the mandate is not dropped, NHS workers have to get their first jab by Thursday, 3 February.
Some early data suggests we may have turned a corner.
UKHSA has found the risk of hospitalisation with Omicron is just one third the risk posed by the Delta variant.
Another study suggests variant is milder but more infectious.
Imperial College indicates people are 15 to 20% less likely to need admission to hospital – and promising research in Scotland and South Africa finds similar.
Some 58,194 daily Covid-19 cases recorded in the UK – the highest figure since January 9.
AY.4.2 is reportedly more transmissible than the original strain – but it's "not catastrophic" for the UK yet.
Bolton, Blackburn with Darwen and Bedford have the highest number of cases. Here's where else the variant has been found.