The NHS spends more than £6bn each year treating type 2 diabetes and its complications.
A study found high blood sugar levels and BMI are risk factors for stillbirth in pregnant women with diabetes.
Cases in children are on the rise. Here are seven signs parents should watch for.
Almost 70,000 deaths could've been prevented in 2016 if people moved more, according to new research.
"I’d have never imagined I would be as fit at my age as I was at 21."
Public Health England have launched a new campaign aimed at helping families cut down on their sugar intake. Child obesity is at an all time high and children are consuming an excess 2,800 sugar cubes a year. There are some easy swaps to be made in order to lower this and give children a healthier option.
The condition is more aggressive in young people and complications can appear earlier.
"You grieve for the life you thought you were going to have."
I felt like I had a newborn baby all over again - scared and clueless, every minute something new was realised