diana johnson

Diana Johnson has written to PM to say it would be 'against natural justice'.
The Department of Health must not be allowed to lead a public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal, a Labour MP has
'We have seen what happens when you put profit before people'.
A widow who unearthed vital information about the contaminated blood scandal after her husband died of HIV has warned the
all women everywhere Removing the counter-productive threat of criminal punishment against vulnerable women will help create an environment more conducive to reducing incidents of unplanned pregnancies and abortions - not least medically unsafe ones... In deciding how to cast their votes later today, MPs should consider all the countries that do not apply a criminal law to abortion. In states like Canada, parts of Australia, Sweden and Luxembourg decriminalisation has not led to any of the things its critics said it would. Even the United States has not been able to apply criminal penalties ever since a Supreme Court judgement in 1973. We need to repeal our 150-year-old laws criminalising abortion and focus on the evidence of what works in the modern context.
If there was ever a time for the Government to reconsider their opposition to statutory SRE, it is now. That is why, later today, I will lead a Parliamentary debate calling on the Government to finally make SRE a statutory requirement in all state-funded schools - including academies, free schools and any new grammar schools which they set up.
Having been forced to suffer the debate between pro and anti Corbyn campaigners, and found myself summarising the content into an exchange between two imaginary people, Tom being in favour of Corbyn, and Jennifer being firmly against. If it were recorded as a transcript, it would have read something like this:
We've come so far and yet there is some way to go. Labour's next leader will undoubtedly play a key role in the fortunes of the LGBT movement in this country and others. That is why as a party we have an obligation to scrutinise the records of those running for leader. I have, and that's why I'm backing Yvette.
Today marks one year since Ibrahim Magag - one of the UK's most closely monitored terrorist suspects - absconded from his Terrorism Prevention Order (TPIM). While Londoners were busy heading to the sales, Magag simply jumped into a black cab, never to be seen again. A year on, we are no closer to knowing where he is or how he was able to abscond.
The truth is that this case, though extreme, is far from isolated. Modern day slavery is on the rise. Human beings - especially women and children - are being trafficked into and within the UK to work as labourers, domestic servants, prostitutes, cannabis farmers, forced beggars and a range of other jobs.