diet coke

RIP, little red button that Trump pressed to get his 12 Diet Cokes a day.
“Who’s the most innocent guy in the whole wide world?” he asks “Fox & Friends.”
I didn't expect much to come from it (apart from maybe people telling me I'm an idiot), but the response was overwhelming. Hundreds of people contacted me to tell me that they were addicted too. That giving up was harder than smoking and it was making them ill.
When you see the label “zero calories” or “no calories” on certain food products, you probably take it literally and assume
People watching their weight will often reach for a Diet Coke in a bid to "be good" and cut down their sugar intake, but
The formula for Coke is supposed to be a heavily guarded secret, but according to The Mirror the details have been readily
The famously explosive experiment in which Mentos are dunked in Diet Coke hardly needs repeating at this point: the internet
Cameron Diaz has come under fire after stating in an interview she believes Diet Coke is more unhealthy than smoking. The
Coca-Cola has had to cancel a Canadian promotion after outraged consumers opened bottles to messages including "you retard
Coca-Cola has had to apologise to an outraged family after an insulting message was discovered underneath the cap of one