What's healthy and what's not, including sugar, artificial sweeteners, cream, plant-based dairy alternatives and more.
Most of us don't know what an appropriate portion should look like and, following today's article in the BBC, we're under-reporting the amount of calories we eat by almost one-third. Apart from the 80g portion of fruit and vegetables we should eat a day, there are no official UK guidelines on portion sizes. With this in mind, here is my easy guide for understanding portion sizes and it's based on a simple tool - your hand!
We're constantly told to watch what we eat, keep as active as we can, have a healthy lifestyle and manage our weight. But why are these messages so important and what are we all striving to achieve?
The truth is we dietitians often have less complex and over-thought diets than assumed. We understand it's certainly a jungle out there and you probably can't keep up with what's going to lower your blood pressure and what's going to increase your cancer risk but (wait for the cliche) moderation truly is the key.