Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House floor tirade accusing Democrats of censorship quickly backfired.
The Facebook CEO was "personally involved" in a decision to reinstate the video after Republican politicians complained about its deletion, according to reports.
Figure comes despite a highly publicised £23m information drive by the government to counter vaccine distrust and disinformation.
Tucker Carlson said he and his team spent "all day" trying to locate the conspiracy theory.
Former minister claims it would be "thought crime" if the Conservative whip was withdrawn.
Social media companies should be held to account for spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories, party argues.
The social media giant has a specific policy for world leaders – an exclusive group Trump may soon no longer be a part of.
2020 continues to dole out the disappointment.
The president's son shared a video of a doctor who believes alien DNA is used in some medical procedures.
Labour leader tells MPs he is "absolutely clear" in condemnation of Russian aggression.