Doctors Without Borders

Rescuers: 'Politics is being put before people's safety.'
'We’re on the right track to institutionalising care that has the patient at the very centre.'
Many health facilities cannot provide adequate medical care for victims of sexual violence, says Doctors Without Borders.
South African midwife Zani Prinsloo worked in Lebanon helping vulnerable women fleeing the conflict in neighbouring Syria.
Ectopic pregnancy account for one to two percent of all pregnancies. An even a smaller proportion of these reach full-term.
"The army that was meant to protect them bombed them instead."
The current TB treatment is 100% likely to cause at least one side-effect (like deafness) but less than 50% likely to offer a cure for the disease. 
As intense airstrikes resume on Syria’s east Aleppo, a doctor in one of the besieged area’s few remaining hospitals shares his story.
'MSF will not receive funding from institutions and governments whose policies do so much harm'
A charity at the forefront of the migrant crisis has turned its back on the European Union and its member states in a multi