Yeah, you read that right. Tucker Carlson is shining a light on a bizarre treatment that allegedly combats low testosterone levels.
The BBC documentary explores the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men.
A documentary about superstar athlete Wayde van Niekerk has premiered. The 400m champ counts himself blessed to get the opportunity to tell his life story.
New sexual misconduct allegations raise the question of whether the R&B star will face a #MeToo reckoning.
“I put so much pressure on myself. I want to make sure that I’m the best.”
A new documentary asks Africans themselves how the future of Africa could look.
What I discovered was that far from being the old image of skinheads with jackboots and swastika tattoos, those who identify with the far right now are much more likely to be wearing Barbour or North Face clothes, and have sharp haircuts. They use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs and podcasts to get their views across, which connects with young people. This image change is actually drawing women in.
What makes this case so unique, is that five out of the six were said to suffer from Memory Distrust Syndrome. They started to distrust of their own minds and furthermore what was suggested to them during interrogation became more real than their own recollections. Memory Distrust Syndrome can create confusion so extreme that people may confess to crimes they didn't commit - even something as a serious as murder.
When we asked junior doctors what they found most challenging in dealing with patients in our survey, the results highlighted the sheer breadth of emotional, psychological and professional support they require.
The reason Dawkins describes it as a hijack is because internet memes make no attempt at the accuracy of copying. It's a a key part of his definition and Internet memes are deliberately altered.