Donald Tusk

European Council president says PM is risking the "future" of the UK and EU.
The prime minister warns that UK's £39bn divorce bill to Brussels would 'no longer' be owed.
The PM said: “I have made it absolutely clear I don’t want a no-deal Brexit."
The PM is expected to set out his plans for Brexit this weekend.
Differences over big issues will be papered over, as the need for a post-Brexit trade deal dominates. But most of all, it’s a chance to sell Johnson to voters back home as a global statesman.
"Those against the backstop and not proposing realistic alternatives in fact support reestablishing a border," the European Council president said
Prime Minister demands Irish backstop is dropped in letter to Brussels chief Donald Tusk.
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has been appointed head of the European Central Bank, the first time a woman holds the post. The European Commission's next president is set to be Ursula Von Der Leyen, Germany's Defence Minister. Her post is pending final approval by a vote in the European Parliament in mid-July. European Council president Donald Tusk hailed the appointments, saying, "After all, Europe is a woman".