Sperm donated after death could help with a shortage, say scientists.
MacKenzie Bezos has pledged to give away half her $36.6 billion fortune to charity. She is the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. She joins several other billionaires in the Giving Pledge, such as George Lucas, Richard Branson, Elon Musk & Michael Bloomberg.
'A lot of people knew of her, but not much about her.'
4 Men, 175 Babies delves into the world of online UK sperm donation, and it's quite a watch
As images pour out of our televisions and our newspapers of ruined lives and devastated villages, we can't help but be reminded just how lucky we really are. We are forced to pause and think; to consider and ponder.
When it's leading up to Christmas and excitement is in the air, anticipation is aglow, and the adverts start rolling from let's face it, mid to late October, the anxiety surrounding getting prepared and buying enough presents to sink a battleship of rhinos (though why you'd want to do this, I'll leave to you) is all anyone seems to think about.
I was shocked recently when I discovered that when I hand over a tenner to charity, sometimes the charity ends up with just £8... Even in tough economic times we know that people still want to donate to good causes so let's make sure that they get ALL of the money they are entitled to!
A US student was cut off by her parents for her sexuality, and is now resorting to donations to pay for university. Nineteen
There are so many dogs around the UK that are not cherished by their owners and that thought always upsets me. How anyone can be so cruel and uncaring to leave his or her dog outside for weeks, sometimes months, with little to no food is unbearable to think about. I found out that nearly half of the dogs rehoming centres across the UK take in are, among a number of other issues, seriously malnourished. So straight away I wanted to lend my support to the campaign in any way possible and help raise awareness of this issue.
Time and again in the NGO world we face problems which seem to demand instant action - an "I must do something!" moment. All too often we rush headlong in and don't consider the long-term consequences of our actions.