Dow Jones

The fall in the Dow Jones has triggered a sell-off in global stock markets. Here are the reasons behind it and what it might mean for you.
Turbulence on global stock markets has continued amid concerns over an end to economic stimulus in the United States and
The FBI is investigating how hackers managed to send a fake Associated Press tweet announcing an attack on the White House
Japan has been given to understand that if it does not stop with the so-called 'scientific whaling' there will be no agreement on free trade. Period.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- European markets have made nervous gains despite lingering fears that the world economy is heading back
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Global recession fears have continued to haunt world markets, sparking another volatile day of trading
The FTSE has slipped below the 5000 mark once again as investors talk of a growing crisis of confidence in the world economy
Shares in London are in freefall this afternoon after the Dow opened in New York to panic selling. The FTSE was down more