downing street

There is “no question whatsoever” of the UK reopening the “fundamental tenets” of Boris Johnson's deal, he said.
“I don’t recognise this story at all," Steve Barclay said.
He is accused of telling a senior civil servant to “slit your throat” and to “jump out of the window”.
Notably absent from her speech? An apology, much like Boris Johnson's farewell.
Former chancellor Rishi Sunak looks like he is heading to No.10.
The British government has issued guidance on how the public and businesses may choose to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
"Well, there it is. The picture that will go around the world."
Google: “Our team looked into this case and took immediate action to remove policy-violating content."
The outgoing prime minister told of his "pain" as he took a swipe at the Tory MPs who have removed him from office.
The prime minister was determined to remain in Downing Street – up until Thursday morning.