downing street

The prime minister's wife could be summoned to give evidence to MPs over fresh partygate claims.
Boris Johnson went to see the custodians at the front door of No.10 to personally apologise for what had happened.
Report suggests PM told civil servant "it’s all out there" already.
The government claimed there was no "overriding legitimate interest or necessity in disclosure".
Despite Downing Street's reluctance to do more, it actually has plenty of options.
The bungled event was canned after more than 100 leading organisations pulled out in a row over conversion therapy.
"Regardless of ownership all social media platforms must must be responsible," Downing Street said.
HuffPost UK takes you through all the recent times Moscow has been accused of meddling in British politics.
Prime minister has received his questionnaire.from the Metropolitan Police regarding alleged rule-breaking gatherings.
An ally of the PM said: “There is inevitably a degree of discretion here. Do you want the Met Police deciding who the prime minister is?"