Fans can't agree on what the message means – or whether it's a red herring.
Eleanor Tomlinson, Robert Carlyle, Rafe Spall and Rupert Graves lead an all-star cast in this three-part fantasy period drama.
Safron Beck and Jordan Fyffe rehearse scene from IED. Photo by Kathy Trevelyan As the nation remembers the men and women
Life as a drinker is fairly boring and monotonous. Combine that with a feeling of being emotionally numb. Spiritually empty. And there becomes a real need for drama, just to feel like something is happening.
Many parents experience parental alienation, but few have heard of it; one parent mentally manipulating a child to make them fear, disrespect or even hate the other. It is a hotly debated legal topic, particularly around how it should be monitored and governed, and it is an issue which is destroying families every day, across the UK.
‘Doctor Foster’ was one of the year’s biggest TV hits when it debuted on BBC One in 2015, with more than 10 million of us