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An anti-cancer cap that generates an electric field has doubled the chances of brain tumour patients surviving for five years
'Stop shying away... be kind, compassionate, listen and don’t judge'.
More people are having “life-saving” conversations about their mental health - but men and older people are far less likely
Just 3 per cent of elephants succumb to the disease.
Scientists have known for some time that cancer is unusually rare in elephants. Just three per cent of the giant mammals
It isn't just the time to limit the radicalisation of the Islam Faith but it is also time to stop the radicalization of our own views. Fine, religion has the potential to be toxic but so do we.
I recently found myself being barred from Facebook for calling someone a 'dirty little fag'. It didn't matter that this person was a friend of mine and if truth be known, he really is a 'dirty little fag' but the PC police were watching and I found myself and my Facebook account suspended.
For me, being a feminist is about respecting women's choices, whatever they may be. If a woman over the legal age requirement wants to voluntarily participate in the porn industry, that's fine. If she doesn't, that's fine as well. Young women like 'Lauren A', Duke University's freshman porn actress, are being publicly shamed for exposing their bodies on camera. It seems like the idea that a woman could have full control over her body is still shocking to some. When people accuse her of taking part in an industry that 'degrades' women, they don't realise their comments are degrading in themselves, as they refuse to acknowledge her individual voice and bodily autonomy.