About Eastenders Spoilers
All the latest 'EastEnders' news, spoilers, photos and behind-the-scenes pics, from Ross Kemp's return as Grant Mitchell to the rest of the Walford gossip. Albert Square's many families provide plenty of drama, and the Beale and Carter families have had their fair share of tears and laughs in the episodes. Ian, Jane and Bobby Beale are at the centre of a lot of drama, and Phil Mitchell, Ronnie and Roxy are always battling something (or each other). In 2016, Stacey Slater and Martin Fowler have taken centre stage and the BBC One show has gone from strength to strength, with new executive producer Sean O'Connor taking the reins from Dominic Treadwell-Collins. Over the years, 'EastEnders' has provided TV fans with a number of iconic and memorable scenes, thanks to legendary characters Kat Slater, Alfie Moon, Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher. Recently, Kathy Beale made a shock return, after being presumed dead years ago, while Peggy Mitchell was killed off in an emotional suicide storyline. The soap's writers aren't afraid of tackling serious and sensitive topics, and in the last few years they have addressed rape, stillbirth, domestic violence, suicide and sexuality.