economic development

Analysis suggests London and the South East stand to benefit from repatriation of regeneration cash from Brussels.
'It is clear that Africa is ready to start being a key player in the digital revolution and to shake things up.'
We all need to contribute to a future in which land, skills and community needs, as well as food security, will meet and prosper.
False narratives of a Ramaphosa-led redemption are clouding our vision, and will surely disappoint, says author and academic Moeletsi Mbeki.
No matter which way you look at it, this country is divided. The young are angry with the old for owning all the property wealth. Non-graduates are angry with graduates for hording job opportunities. Our national conversation is becoming increasingly venomous. And then there is the chasm opened up by last year's vote to leave the European Union. But there is perhaps no better way of understanding social division in Britain today than to look at the difference between towns and cities.
As Nigeria's economic development continues to stutter, what lessons can we learn and how can we position ourselves?
The depth and extent of poverty in South Africa is becoming increasingly intersectional.
We see and engage with poverty through the people with whom we interact, we can make a difference right there.
Black South Africans were used in the Vrede Dairy Farm project as a front for a scheme of grand corruption and money laundering, he said as he handed in an indictment at Hawks headquarters.
Potlokwa is one of the girls that should inspire and drive girls' empowerment. Her journey and story should be at the heart of every conversation and intervention. Her voice, and others like her, must be what guides us as we create partnerships and holistic programmes to support and empower girls around the world.