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The Investigatory Powers Bill proliferates spying for the sake of spying. It legalises the speculative mass surveillance powers being challenged in court by Liberty - and ignores suggestions there could be a better, more effective way. The Government sees the positive steps we all take to protect our privacy as a threat to be overcome at all costs, while failing to target resources at the real dangers.
Snowden wrote: "In Iceland 10% of all voters were in the streets within 24 hours for less." On Friday morning the hashtag
Update: Edward Snowden Calls On UK Public To Rise Up And Force David Cameron To Resign The man hailed by some as one of personal
We can't let terror win - the common refrain in the aftermath of the now all too frequent terror attacks. But ISIS is already winning. There's no shame in admitting because the terrorists have effectively rigged the game, in two important and connected ways.
Edward Snowden is not a man who beats around the bush, which is why it was all the more striking when at a conference yesterday
Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by an an anonymous US politician, alongside Pope Francis and Edward
Edward Snowden may be one of America's most wanted, and a name that polarises opinion on both sides of the Atlantic ever
The Intercept reports that @Snowden handle had been taken from someone who has not used it in three years. Twitter was reportedly