egg freezing

Clearly there is a need to reconsider the 10-year egg freezing storage limit, writes Minister of State for Care Caroline Dinenage.
The success rate for live births could be as low as one in five, research suggests.
Actually making the decision to move forward with the process was the hardest part for me.
The #ExtendTheLimit campaign says the current law is "outdated and unscientific".
Campaigners are pushing to overturn a law that restricts eggs from being frozen for more than 10 years.
Just 471 babies have been born as a result of egg freezing in the UK since 2010.
For many women it’s a tempting prospect.  Put motherhood on ice and explore your desire to have children much later on in
In 1990 the 10-year storage period for egg freezing was put into UK law, which permits women to freeze their eggs and store them for 10 years only, before they are destroyed. This was introduced to avoid overcrowding in egg banks, and at the time it was unknown whether there was an 'expiry date' on frozen eggs.