We are all to blame. Therefore, we can all help to solve the problem. REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE in that order. Recycling is not enough. It has been made so easy in London many people no longer avoid the use of plastics. However, the carbon footprint of a reusable item is far lower than that of single use ones. Making sustainable choices is much easier than people think.
Just 1% are strongly opposed to the idea of renewable energy.
The UK public’s support for renewable energy has reached yet another consecutive high with a staggering 82% in favour and
As if evidence was needed as to the imperative of dramatically cutting carbon emissions and promoting energy efficiency, the day after the Government published its much-anticipated Clean Growth Strategy, the European Environment Agency (EEA) published new figures on the impact of air pollution.
How innovative technology will change the way we drive forever.
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When the new Nissan LEAF first hit the roads back in 2010, it took electric vehicles from a niche interest into a mainstream
Nissan, like many other automotive manufacturers, is currently trying to solve a major side-effect that comes with creating
The TV and film industries are looking at ways to go green.
We don’t tend to think about TV and film production in relation to its impact on the planet, yet, as English TV director