Elle Macpherson

The Australian model took a stroll down memory lane as she reflected on her time on the set of Friends.
The former supermodel and Friends star on cold showers, 80s leotards and leaving her shoes at home.
We did a nutritional analysis of Elle's 'typical day' on her plant-based reboot. Although the foods included are of course nutritious, and there are definitely benefits to including more plant-based foods in your diet (lookin' at you fibre!), Elle's plan is extremely low in overall calories
Elle Macpherson is as honed and toned as she was 40 years ago, and feels better than ever. I spoke to her and her nutritional doctor to discover the true secrets of The Body...
Elle Macpherson has genetics on her side but the Queen of pop, Madonna is a yoga-loving, disco dancing, karate kicking, gym hound and it shows. It's fair to say at the age of 56, she has never been fitter. She is proof that it isn't too late to get into exercise, improve your fitness and look hot.
If you're a famous type it's more than likely that you're going to look pretty darn good no matter what age you are what
Elle Macpherson is reported to have married her fiance in a secret island wedding in Fiji. US Weekly magazine confirms that
'Strictly Come Dancing' winner Louis Smith, comic Ronnie Corbett and supermodel Elle Macpherson are among the guests who
In a recent interview with The Underwear Expert, Tyson Beckford said of mentoring models on the 8th cycle of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, "Some of them, they think they know everything. You know what I mean? It's tough to try and teach them something."
Because when you get this top, you get the Elle bod - complete with non-bobbly thighs, silky knees, perky boobs and eternal goldy tan. It's true. That's why I've been searching for it for so long.