Emma Dent Coad

This result is a disaster for my neighbours, who have suffered immeasurably before, during and since the Grenfell Tower atrocity, former Labour MP Emma Dent Coad writes.
Emma Dent Coad, the Labour MP for Kensington & Chelsea Labour MP, has condemned the official report into the Grenfell Tower disaster. The report detailed “serious shortcomings” and “systemic” failures in London Fire Brigade’s response to the blaze. Coad described the findings as “absolutely despicable and a betrayal of everything that firefighters stand for.”
The new PM will fail. He will fail to lead, fail to gain respect, and he will fail to deliver any kind of acceptable Brexit, Emma Dent Coad writes.
Soil samples showed 'huge concentrations' of carcinogenic pollutants, despite residents being told after the fire the toxic ‘plume’ would have dissipated into the atmosphere
Outspoken republican Emma Dent Coad has installed CCTV at her home and office.
The PM said she wants the investigation to be completed 'as quickly as possible'.