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Making saving so simple…
When someone mentions the word ‘saving’ you immediately think of going without to your own detriment. In fact, some simple
An ultrasonic tumble dryer has been developed that will dry your clothes in half the time and save three to five times the
When you boil a kettle, what's the likelihood that you've overfilled it? Probably quite high. In fact it's so high that if
Winter is no longer coming, it is officially here. I should know because I've been consistently freezing in the office for the past couple of weeks. As much as I love my woolly jumpers, it is not the "ugly Christmas sweater" season yet.
The ominous thud as the energy bill lands on the doormat remains the single biggest financial worry for Britons, confirmed by research out last week, which showed that concern about energy costs continues to outpace our worries about mortgages, food or fuel bills.
After Ed Miliband's price freeze plan took the party conference season by storm, energy was rarely out of the headlines in the final months of 2013. The most recent twist came last week, with uSwitch showing that bill payers are £53 a year worse off today than in January 2013, despite high profile action from government aimed at countering price rises.
Bills are a total bore and they eat up beer money, but unfortunately they're a pretty necessary expense. But there are ways
The Government is being taken to court by Brussels for offering across-the-board tax cuts to encourage homeowners to make
While fuel price rises continue to be a painful addition to motoring costs, there are plenty of things that you as a driver
There has been a lot of confusion around the Green Deal and what it means for consumers, businesses and the energy industry.
New LED lightbulbs have been unveiled that could last for 20 or 23 years. The new energy-saving bulbs went on show at the
In order to decarbonise our energy sources, we need a smart metering system that is intelligent! Most of us are too busy to continually think about how much energy we're using, but smart meters could enable automation of the process.