Those of us working in these fields must become the role models that we never had. The old adage that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ might not be true for all of us, but it is true for many
In an international challenge that blends sport and engineering, the mini subs are driven by pedal power alone.
There are so many useless acronyms in the world that anyone would be forgiven for not knowing the meaning of most of them, but there is one important acronym that has been gaining momentum in global education in recent years: STEM.
As you might expect, 'athlete' and 'firefighter' are two of the most sought after jobs for children. But it wasn't a surprise to me to find 'astronaut' and 'scientist' holding their own in the top ten as well. Why not? Defying gravity, even zero gravity, must be one of the most exciting scientific developments of our time, and children everywhere want to be a part of it.
Designed by Royal College of Art graduate Ryan Mario Yasin, Petit Pli employs the Negative Poisson's ratio to allow garments to expand in both directions - enabling them to continuously fit children as they grow. A neat solution to the problem of quickly outgrown clothing, so familiar - and frustrating - to parents.
A large number of females do not remain within a STEM role for an extended period.
Nobody likes team building days. This is a known fact that has plagued businesses for years. Everyone piles into a room, wears
By employing machine learning properly, businesses can prevent costly and reputation damaging recalls. This in turn minimises the need for businesses to issue recalls routinely, or for consumers to suffer the potentially dangerous fallout from faulty equipment.
Three engineers visit a school to talk about their careers: two men and a woman. One is a burly Yorkshireman, the other is