Equality Act 2010

Joining Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to discuss how to improve things is shadow domestic violence minister Jess Phillips, who calls for cross-party talks, why Liz Truss needs to do more, and also whether the Hartlepool by-election will reveal the direction of travel for post-Brexit, post-pandemic Britain.
The SNP administration has published the draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill for consultation.
Five schools in Birmingham have paused the 'No Outsiders' programme following pressure from parents. The programme teaches children about the Equality Act 2010 and covers issues of diversity, including religion, race and sexuality. The parents at Parkfield Primary School started protesting in early March, arguing that the programme is age-inappropriate.
Transgender campaigners and some feminists are bitterly divided about the idea of self-identification.
The Equality Act means transgender women and men can still legally access appropriately-gendered bathrooms, they say.
Historic NEC statement follows consultation and legal threats
The average cost of providing the required support for a disabled employee – or a ‘reasonable adjustment’ - is just £30
How can any woman enjoy her right to dress and look exactly as she wishes, if other women can determine if she may then enter same-sex spaces?
Shortlists would make a resounding statement to disabled people about our place in our democracy