I am sure that schools such as Eton continue to provide an excellent education and enable their students to have wonderful careers, and make a real contribution to society. But it would be a grave misunderstanding to view these measures as attacking these schools, or punishing students for choices made by their parents.
'On the day, I was surrounded by friends... So it was a misjudgment.'
Old Etonian actor Damian Lewis said he was "surprised" when former pupils of a state school tried to stop him attending its
The fracturing of a clique. Any teenager knows what that means. Sitting alone at the lunch table. A few exclamation-marks littered tweets. Taylor Swift writes about it beautifully in Bad Blood, which should practically be mandatory listening for any teenager dealing with a broken friendship group.
I've been wracking my brain to work out why anyone would hate a hare. Some might say 'farmers', believing that hares go to work on their crops in the same way that rabbits do, however that's not true. Scientific reports show that the damage hares do to crops is minimal, and they might even have a beneficial effect in some cases.
A teenager from a state school in Hackney has been selected to debate for the English national team alongside pupils from
England's exams system has come under criticism from the head of Eton. Tony Little said GCSEs and A-Levels are like an "egg
David Cameron has been publicly serenaded by a man strumming a ukulele and urging him to “fuck off back to Eton.” The Prime
Does Nigel Farage run a party of 'loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists'? What would she be advocating the Tories do or
A talented rackets-playing teen champion is being forced to watch his teammates compete in a public school tournament from