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But government faces demands to extend the right unilaterally beyond next year.
London has been my home for more than forty years, but the emotional and financial drain of the last three years almost made me throw in the towel, writes Baboule.
The woman told a Sky News reporter she had lived in the UK for 20 years and feared she was going to be kicked out on October 31.
We need to make sure that millions of EU citizens living in the UK are not disenfranchised in future like I was, Moritz Valero writes
Where is our home now given that we have been effectively abandoned by both the place we live in and the place we come from?
The government is also facing calls for an inquiry into the "fiasco".
The government now stands at a crossroads, and the first step they must take is to expand full voting rights to every permanent citizen in the country.
Some are being told the problems are due to the election only being confirmed at the last minute.
When my European friends ruminate on their uncertain futures in the UK, I roll my eyes – they are experiencing what I wake up with and go to bed with every day
The unanimous passing of the Costa amendment by MPs marks a crucial watershed in the fight for EU citizens’ rights in the UK. Now EU leaders must make the same commitment.