"We’re approaching the 10-year anniversary of her death, and I’m only now able to write about it."
The 40-year-old Belgian wheelchair sprinter suffered from a degenerative muscle disease.
Mavis and Dennis Eccleston both took an overdose at their home in February last year.
17-year-old, who was raped as a child, "did not die of euthanasia", say friends.
The British public is unwaveringly in support of greater end of life choice – but medical bodies lag behind their members on this issue
Banning assisted dying in the UK does not make it go away. It is high time MPs looked seriously at this issue again.
Outside the High Court, campaigners on both sides of the debate shared harrowing personal stories.
'I have to fight day and night against my disease'
Guests were invited to take a 'Betsy souvenir' - a painting, beauty product or other memento