Extinction Rebellion

Greta Thunberg will address the protesters on Easter Sunday.
The boat was dismantled several hours after Dame Emma Thompson used it as a stage to rally protesters.
Emma Thompson joins Extinction Rebellion in their fifth day of climate change protests, saying she was “willing to be arrested”. The Oscar-winning actress urged the government to address climate change to save the planet for our future generations.
Dame Emma was earlier forced to defend taking a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to London this week.
At least four under 18s were at the stunt close to the London hub's main road entrance.
When climate change already disproportionately affects communities of colour, protests like Extinction Rebellion's must prove it's more than a white middle class concern
"We’re talking about the future of everyone, not just day-to-day work."
Organisers said they want to "escalate" action over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Police chief "disappointed" by a viral video which showed officers partying with activists.
One officer apparently requested 'Insomnia' by Faithless.