Extinction Rebellion

Activists continued protests in the capital in defiance of the police order.
The Extinction Rebellion stunt came as protesters marched through London on the penultimate day of their “Autumn Uprising” campaign.
I'm a normally law-abiding minister from Cumbria, but my privileged position and faith in God compels me to act on our climate crisis, Revd Jo Rand writes
Climate change protests won’t be taken seriously if they continue to cause clashes within communities, argues writer Sharan Dhaliwal.
The climate change group will "reflect" on the protest as supporters suggest action was a misstep.
"Rather than let this incident divide – at this moment of heightened attention – we think it is right to reach out to you," climate change group says.
The media have to bear some responsibility for directing such hate towards environmentalists that people think it’s acceptable to assault them, writer Adam McGibbon writes.
"People just trying to get to their work for goodness sake," the ITV presenter said.
Protests are planned across the UK over the bank holiday weekend and into September, with thousands expected to gather in major cities.
Climate change activists have attempted to disrupt trains at Canning Town, Stratford and Shadwell.