Extinction Rebellion

As Extinction Rebellion continues to protest in London despite a city-wide ban by Metropolitan Police, we follow Dave, a climate activist on his way to protest outside MI5 headquarters in Millbank. Dave keeps a video diary of his day as he witnesses various forms of nonviolent resistance and the multiple arrests that follow.
Climate change activist says “the rules must be broken”.
The group said it would file a High Court claim challenging the ban on the grounds it is “disproportionate and unlawful”.
Climate activists have accused authorities of breaking the law by refusing their right to peaceful protest.
John Curran spent 12 years throwing criminals in jail. So how does it feel to be on the other side of the law, protesting as a climate change activist?
Scotland Yard’s latest figures show 1,290 arrests have been made so far.
James Brown, who is visually impaired, appeared in court this morning.
Organisers claim some 200 activists attended the protest in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The climate change activists reveal the cost of their protests in Westminster, from events and tech, to "feeding 20,000 rebels a day".
Activists are just four days into a fortnight of planned protest.