FA Cup

A cross-party group of politicians fear a certification scheme could be divisive.
In a historic first, all 32 FA Cup matches will be delayed by one minute in a campaign supported by the Duke of Cambridge.
The match was abandoned in the second half after players were led off the pitch by their managers.
A spokesperson for the FA said it was investigating the incident 'as a matter of urgency'.
Labour has pledged to clamp down on ticket touts and force Premier League clubs to invest more in grassroots football. Arsenal
In my view now is the time to find a solution to help get these decisions right. Elevating pressure of the match officials, who remember currently have to make a decision after seeing an incident just once. So what's the likely hood of us seeing this in the not to distant future? Well the Football Association are currently in advanced talks to consider use video technology in some way, and have highlighted next seasons FA Cup as a potential competition to trial a video referee system.
Shaw's mistake may have had no greater agenda - and on the surface appears to be a fun publicity stunt - but anything that brings the integrity of sport into question must be stamped out. Sutton brought in a PR and Communications agency to help them after they were drawn against Arsenal - but having secured Sun Bets as a sponsor, everyone at the club should have been reminded of the rules surrounding gambling.
This weekend saw the second qualifying round of the FA Cup, but how many teams from level 10 of the English game - the lowest