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It is time to hear their stories, listen to real experiences and respond with effective policies
It comes after the mayor said the president cancelled London visit because Trump feared protests.
The government's most recent proposals for counter-extremism legislation are extremely worrying. Among the suggestions were a set of new civil orders, that would have allowed the police to prevent people from assembling with others or from speaking in public: a serious curb on free speech.
Read more on The Huffington Post A university professor has swiftly debunked an argument rubbishing a new Labour policy to
The future of Europe, the future of our politics, is about the relationships we build with each other from the grassroots to the international level, and that cannot be done in smoke-filled rooms in Brussels or even on the backbenches of Hogwarts gone wrong. None of this is easy. This is why this is an intervention. Don't be the frog slowly boiling to death in your own stew of bones. Sitting in your echo chamber, rehearsing the same old ideas, arguing with the same old individuals, defending the same tired institutions. We have faced challenges before as progressives. We have faced change before. And we have chosen before to live. And live again we can. That is our call and our cause.
The answer to Labour’s problems is not to form an alliance with other centre-left parties despite a report warning the party
The answer to Labour’s problems is not to form an alliance with other centre-left parties despite a report warning the party
Labour must try to gain enough seats to form a centre-left coalition at the next general election as analysis shows the party
When designing and building activities that bring people together, it is cheaper to segregate than to integrate. Cheaper to build a youth programme that appeals to one group in society: the rich, the poor, one ethnic group or another, the high achievers, the left behind. It is time for the government to start to change this. To provide a similar set of subsidies, investments and incentives to entrepreneurs who connect and build a common life.
With so many jobs reliant on oil and gas, particularly in the north east of Scotland and north east of England, the consequences of this shift on whole communities are huge. The UK's last deep coal mine closed in 2015 and in the last year alone 65,000 jobs were lost as reserves in the North Sea have become harder to exploit. There is even more at stake than this...
Choice between principle or power is no choice at all. Whether a party of power or party of protest - we won't change the world unless we are a party of purpose. Yet too much now rests on being united by what we are not - mainly not being the Tories, sometimes not the nationalists, and God forbid the liberals. That does not make us the alternative government in waiting. It doesn't even really make us the opposition. It just makes us 'not them'.
David Cameron has "no means" of alleviating poverty to the point people no longer rely on food banks, a report into poverty
Nigeria has the potential to be a thriving nation with a thriving economy, a beacon in a region that has been through decades of difficulty. Boko Haram is preventing this vision becoming a reality. It must be stopped.
Ed Miliband has attacked New Labour for not doing enough for ordinary people. The Opposition leader said the previous Labour
Olympic fever might be the cause of a new surge of British patriotism north of the border, as a new poll showed support for
Labour's growth plan has been criticized for lacking ambition by a left-leaning think-tank. The Fabian Society said Ed Balls
On Saturday, the Shadow Chancellor admitted that if the Labour Party were in government, they would not deviate from the tough decisions that George Osborne and David Cameron are making in an effort to cut the deficit.
If Twitter is to be believed (yes I know, I know) then there was a bit of a kerfuffle at the Fabians New Year Conference on the weekend when - it is claimed - accountancy giant KPMG was spontaneously booed by the crowd.