face covering

Sneezes produce a fluid phenomenon known as 'vortex rings'. Here's what that looks like.
Some styles of face mask could increase the risk of infection, new research suggests.
New rules have come into force, extending the number of places most people need to wear a face covering.
Enigmatic street artist poses as a Transport for London worker while conveying message about masks and the spread of coronavirus.
Former minister says "nothing" would make him less likely to go shopping, as Matt Hancock outlines measures to prevent retail staff dying from coronavirus.
Order comes into force on July 24, health secretary Matt Hancock to announce.
Tuesday finally saw guidance issued for wearing them in shops – but not until July 24. What took so long?
PM says coverings have "great deal of value in confined spaces" but government guidance means they are not yet compulsory. That could change.
Change in government advice comes as minister says face coverings in shops "basic good manners" not mandatory.
Wearing face coverings in shops is now mandatory in shops and on public transport in England.