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Fun and often whacky activities can create the happiest memories for both children and parents. I still treasure the memory of creating kitchen mayhem aged seven, when baking rainbow bread with my dad.
Sometimes us parents need to be cut some slack - a little time to shrug off some of that permanent upper backache and be given permission to sink back onto the sofa and relax. So voila! Here we are, permission granted, I give to you a comprehensive list of what to not bother doing with your kids. You're welcome.
This summer I'm determined to get my family outside more and spend fewer days around the house. I've been conjuring up ideas from my childhood as well as recommendations from friends I want to share. Fresh air and the sunshine are so important for kids, and as adults, we often forget there's more to life than sitting in an office cubicle all day.
7. The children are momentarily getting on but you’re waiting for it all to blow up in your face.  9. And upload it to Facebook
The big challenge when it comes to choosing a family day out is finding one that will keep the kids entertained and engaged
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I've always loved creating unique combinations. Whether it's my own cooking (I've collated cookbooks from every country ever visited) or my wild (and sometimes wise) wardrobe or mixing my home décor with the old and the new. I love being individual.
So, in order to stay calm and relaxed about such grim winter days, I came up with a list of things you and your children can enjoy. Personally I printed my list and I keep it visible as my personal back-up plan when I feel the need for pulling a little joker from my sleeve.
Many new parents with young children often grow anxious over the challenges of young toddlers and in particular the famous tantrums of the 'terrible two' phase. In fact, two year olds are at one of the most fascinating phases of their development, and whilst it can be tricky, it is important to enjoy it too. ...
From Spring-themed fun to indoors entertainment, here are six fun-packed ideas for everyone. None of them involve a screen -- so get yourselves and your children reconnected with the physical world this half term.
Restaurant reviews generate mixed emotions in people with small children: there's nostalgia for a time when keeping up with
The Olympics, surely, have been one of the highlights of this Summer: so back in June, when my son Thomas announced that his secondary school had awarded him two Olympic tickets to see the women's hockey team in action, there was general jubilation in our household.
"Everyone knows that boys that do ballet do not grow up into well-adjusted men" I'm a full-time mummy of a 2 and 3 year old