Around 200 key workers are reportedly now self-isolating after the cases were confirmed.
One engineer-turned-farmer in the Netherlands believes he has found a solution to climate change - floating cow farms. Moored in an offshoot of Rotterdam's busy port, the farm is a futuristic three-story floating structure where one robot milks the cows and another automatically scoops up the manure.
The cause of the blaze has not been determined.
The woman farmer making a business out of luxury leather
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When I was a child I was not aware that growing food could be a career choice, or that female farmers even existed
Yeah, so it's pretty intense 💪
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In a time when most of our weekdays are spent typing at desks, pre-digital ways of working feel almost endangered. But the
We want an experienced shepherd, able to move their flock of sheep to ensure that sensitive habitats get the grazing they need. Plantlife Cymru have kindly offered to purchase the farmer's new flock. The National Trust will offer the successful applicant expert conservation and farming support, as well as providing a farmhouse with picture-perfect views over the North Wales coast.
Warning: some people may find this video graphic to watch. A three-year-old girl was filmed as she single-handedly delivered
Firefighters tackled a blaze at a farm shed where 13 tonnes of crisps went up in smoke. Crews were called to the premises
I love Chase Gin SO much I travelled for hours to visit a muddy farm in Herefordshire to discover where the magic happens.
The world's demand for meat is growing and the population is rising. And so the pressure to increase production is escalating at a stupendous rate. The future of farming could go two ways.
A schoolboy who died after a collision with a tractor at a visitor attraction farm has been named. Harry Whitlam, 11, was
The funeral for a star rugby player who was killed along with his brother and father after inhaling fumes from a tank of
We're not certain what breed of chickens these pesky peckers are, but one thing's for sure: they want this kid's bag of food
Ever seen cows dance? Okay, ever seen cows leap for joy? Or rubbing their faces into the earth for a good scratch, or bumping
Above all, now and forever, we need farming that can supply everyone in the world with food of the highest standards, without wrecking the rest of the world.
Don't you hate it when you're driving into a farm and a swarm of highly excitable sheep surround your car? This guy does
In a village outside of Ornskoldsvik, Vasternorrland, Sweden, there lives a very special bunny rabbit called Champis. You