fear of flying

The Transformers actor told Kelly Clarkson how she uses pop hits like Oops I Did It Again to get over her fear of flying.
For many of us, the arrival of summer means excitedly counting the days until we down tools and set up the out-of-office before we head off to warmer shores for a fortnight in the sun. For those with a flying phobia, however, that dream holiday can become a nightmare plagued with anxiety and fear.
When we have children, we need to be very careful about how we react when we're in their presence because we will invariably pass on our fear to them.
Does hopping aboard a plane reduce you to a gibbering wreck? If so, I know how you feel. After all, I used to hate flying, too. In fact, things got so bad, I quit air travel for years. Now, I fly regularly - and find it blissfully dull.
When did people become so comfortable with being so uncomfortable? Is it really worth the money you save? I used to love flying and now I hate it.
Joe Thompson, the schoolboy who had to be hypnotised to get on a plane back to Britain because of his extreme fear, has said
"He mentioned he's a tad scared of flying," says aerobatics instructor Antony L of his friend here. And guess what? He's
We're human beings, built for trundling around on land, and maybe taking the odd splash in the sea; we're just not made for high speeds or high altitudes. What acts of self-deception do these people perform when they convince themselves that flying is a pleasant, comfortable way of spending time?
I'm a little bit frightened of all the usual things - death, dentists and décolletage decorum - but I'm completely and utterly terrified of heights, especially those with me at the wrong end of them.
Actress Penelope Cruz is still trying to come to terms with an irrational fear of flying after her life flashed before her