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Watch a preview of the actor's CBeebies' debut here.
Felicity Jones debuted a super sparkly diamond ring on the red carpet amid engagement rumours.  The actress - who’s known
Ryan Murphy’s new anthology show ‘Feud’ hasn’t even made it onto the air yet, and we’re already champing at the bit for the
The Oscars is the one occasion (other than your own wedding) when it is impossible to be overdressed and Felicity Jones really
The anticipation hasn't quite been on the same level as Force Awakens, so Rogue One was always going to be on the back foot. The decision to make it a standalone movie, free from the traditional constraints of the space opera franchise, seemed bold. But there's only one thing people care about: does Rogue One live up to, or trump, Force Awakens? Unfortunately it's not quite a black or white answer.
"Rogue One" star Felicity Jones says it's "a film that’s about unity."
Maybe it's that I'm writing this on three hours sleep after a midnight showing, or maybe it's that I have a hard time being objective about anything Star Wars but I think Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is probably the best thing that's happened in this all-round trash year.
There is nothing that jars (or worse, jar jars) in this spectacle. On the contrary, there are enough references, both visual and spoken to keep a long time fan very happy, sometimes gasping, occasionally applauding.
'Star Wars' fans will be beside themselves, after the release of the first 'Rogue One' trailer.  The film is the first of
Eddie Redmayne has been open about the challenge he faced in the film 'The Theory of Everything' - that of portraying Professor
‘Star Wars’ fans have been treated to a bumper loads of exciting news, as two new ‘Star Wars’ projects have been confirmed
As Oscars night approached, Reese Witherspoon's #AskHerMore plea on Instagram couldn't have been more poignant. And it seems
Eddie Redmayne took it all the way to the end of Awards Season, concluding his spectacular run with the Oscar for Best Lead
Another glittering awards season is now almost over, with the biggest names in the film industry throwing on their most stylish
I've nothing against our girls, who were both outstanding, but if Moore repeats her successes in the Golden Globes and Baftas, something very dear to my heart could become more talked about, in better ways, and less misunderstood and stigmatised. I'm thinking of dementia, which affects 850,000 of us in the UK and over five million Americans.
Eddie Redmayne may have just taken another big skip on the road to Oscar, with his triumph in the Best Leading Actor category