Fine Art

It is almost double the last highest price for an artwork sold at auction.
So when did you last take a photograph? And when did you last print one? I'm willing to bet you probably took at least one photo today on your phone. But I'll bet you haven't printed any photos in a very long time unless you've just had school portraits done or got married!
You can sense the enjoyment and thrill of what they do throbbing out of every piece. That drive to enjoy the life they live
Kensuke Koike, 'Triangles' As well as issues surrounding change and identity over time, the exhibition also raises the important
Thieves smashed their way into the Van Gogh Museum using sledgehammers.
Two paintings by Vincent Van Gogh which were stolen by sledgehammer-wielding thieves have been recovered from the Italian
Credit 'Queen of Christian' by Edwin Antonio PhotoVogue featuring Dior Shoes EAS © Original painting, Frederic Leighton, Flaming
Immersion is the word. He knew of nothing else it would seem until music came along. It's the sort of fate to which one cannot attach a value or even adequately describe. Call it the gift, the blue touch paper that leads to the muse.
holpan Sharbakova is a classically trained pianist, soloist, laureate of international competitions and festivals, yet music is only one of her creativity codes. "Musical notes always had a physical presence for me" says Sholpan.
This past winter, the Today Art Museum in Beijing welcomed a brand-new solo show of my latest paintings and sculptures, called Wonderland.