First Minister of Scotland

Ex-SNP leader also makes dramatic suggestion Scotland's "failed" leadership is not fit for independence.
The Scottish first minister said she was "really sorry" for the "stupid mistake".
Scotland’s first minister discussed her own mental health, saying she feels a "deep sadness" over the lives lost to coronavirus.
The first minister said her government was asking people not to travel to or from Scotland "at all", apart from essential journeys.
Parents gathering at the school gates pose more of a risk of coronavirus transmission, government scientific adviser stresses.
First minister tells Boris Johnson: "I don't know what 'stay alert' means."
Former European Council president says he feels "very Scottish" after Brexit.
Scotland's first minister labelled “unacceptably ungracious” for her celebration over this particular election result.
PM does not want First Minister "anywhere near" global summit. Spokeswoman for Sturgeon calls Johnson "childish".
The chances Boris Johnson could face a vote of no-confidence have just shot up.