Flash flood

The Met Office warns "severe thunderstorms" could cause flash flooding across parts of England over the next few days.
In the midst of the worst bushfire season in living memory, parts of south east Australia have been hit by flash flooding, golf ball sized hail, and large dust storms.
Keepers at the Australian Reptile Park were forced to beat crocodiles back with brooms as the deluge flooded their enclosure.
11 people had to be rescued from Poynton in the space of four hours after heavy rain caused flash floods in the area.
The June washout is set to continue on Tuesday.
The province of KwaZulu-Natal has been hit by heavy rain and flash flooding for several days, killing over 50 people. Torrential downpours have weakened structures, causing several to collapse or be swept away by mudslides. Floodwaters brought waste into the port of Durban and several roads into the city were closed, according to local media.
"We take some solace from the knowledge that they died together."