Fleetwood mac

The rock legend applied her own touches to her Fleetwood Mac hit and won by a landslide.
"We owe you," Fleetwood Mac's co-founder quipped to Nathan Apodaca, whose groovy clip has prompted a streaming spike for the band's 1977 classic.
The Friends star had a musical moment with her 16-year-old on Instagram.
The musician has been lauded as one of the greats of the British music scene.
Every year, the biggest names in music go head-to-head in the battle for Album Of The Year at the Grammys, and as regular
John: 'What?! Rumours! It's one of the best albums int' whole wide world.' Kayleigh: "Never even heard of it." John: "Excuse
The topic of female festival headliners rears its head each summer, and on Thursday, it didn’t go unnoticed that Florence