Have you been tying your shoes wrong all along?
The shoes, which resemble blackface caricatures, are no longer available on the store’s website.
President Donald J. Trump is not short of contradictory statements and one fashion brand is capitalising on that fact.  A
High heels, love them, hate them - but I'm sure we can all agree they're not the most comfortable of shoes to wear. A quick
The shift from mega-corporations to independent brands is driven by the flexibility and responsiveness of smaller companies, enabled by technology that brings consumers and producers closer together than they have been since the days of the medieval city market.
I am tremendously discerning where the demi-boot is concerned. I buy tons of pairs online, but most are returned to sender. I peruse the shoe department of Selfridges with military precision, but generally come home empty-handed. For not all ankle-boots are created equal and designer versions aren't necessarily superior to their high-street cousins.