forced marriage

“My mum had dementia and her GP testified she was not fit for marriage. Even on a good day, she could barely say her own name and date of birth."
These are not people who had a choice, they didn’t go to their local travel agent and book two weeks in the sun, overspending their resources on a jolly and expecting the British taxpayer to foot the bill.
"To make victims pay for their freedom is immoral," Yvette Cooper has said.
The family made the promise of marriage when the victim was just 5 years old.
None of this would have been possible without the commitment and dedication of more than 300 volunteers and partners who have gone the extra mile to support people who need it the most, but there's still lots more be done. As this New Year gets underway and recovery and reconstruction continue, we must not lose sight of Nepal's most vulnerable children - girls and children with disabilities - who desperately need an education to escape the cycle of poverty.
Approximately 15million girls worldwide are married each year - that's one girl, aged under 18, married off against her will every two seconds. Married to a man chosen for her, sometimes two or three times her age, and who she may never lay eyes on until the day of the ceremony.
One of my sisters, Robina, suffered a horrific marriage, as with many other victims, she was encouraged to go back to the perpetrator so to not dishonour the family name and reputation. In desperation she committed suicide by setting herself on fire. It could have so easily been me.
The state has outlawed the marital enslavement and torture of young Britons by those whose love is distorted by cultural values. As you know, I am no Tory, but on this, I grudgingly, bitterly, have to acknowledge that deliverance came from a high Tory PM.
Systematic rape, sexual and physical abuse, slavery and forced marriage are being carried out against Yazidi girls and women