Forced marriage

It can't be denied that even the most controlling black or white Working Class Dad wouldn't dare to assume he has any sway when it comes to choosing who his kids end up shagging. The Asian Dad, on the other hand, thinks he's Aphrodite, Parvati, Cilla Black - the God of all matchmaking Goddesses.
Teenage girls who are taken abroad to enter into forced marriages are being advised to hide a spoon in their underwear by
Wedding bells ring across the country in August, with couples keen to have their special day in the sunshine. But August
Fearless 11-year-old Nada al-Ahdal, who escaped a forced marriage arranged by her parents, says she would "rather die" than
The invaluable and hard-hitting Women Under Seige project, which documents male sexual violence in conflict zones worldwide, has produced a striking article on Syria's rape crisis. Shockingly, Syrian women and girls fleeing sexual violence in their own country are encountering further abuse, appropriation and exploitation once they have left.
A "distressed" teenage girl in her pyjamas begged for help at a police station, telling officers she had been forced to marry
There is a specific form of abuse that I have noticed is most endemic in Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities. We hear of exceptional cases, of beatings, of forced marriages, of honour killings. But herein lies part of the problem.
A two-year-old was the youngest child at risk of being forced into marriage, one of 250 children aided by the UK's Forced
How many times have you been to the cinema and come out feeling changed in some way? How many times have you read a leaflet and felt moved to the same extent? Thought so.
Mohammadzai pictured in December 2012, around half way through her reconstructive surgery In July 2011 The New York Times