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'E-cigarettes are banned in Thailand and can result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years.'
The floor of a nightclub has collapsed in Tenerife, injuring 40 people including a number of British nationals. Emergency
Alongside policy makers, the media, educators and civil society all have a role to play. By highlighting how all UK citizens benefit from the international system, we can start to build a society that cares about global institutions (like the UN) in a similar vein to our concern for national institutions like the NHS. After all, both are fundamental to our country's well-being.
If the Prime Minister truly wants us to be a global outward looking country, she needs to look at the global impact the continued uncertainty over Kashmir's future is having and encourage all sides to resume talks. We cannot continue to champion our freedoms here at home whilst allowing them to be deprived to people abroad.
'Our thoughts are with the victims and their families'.
Six Britons have died in a minibus crash in Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Office has said. Those killed had just completed the
The craze called 'balconing' involves jumping into a swimming pool below.
Government travel advice has been updated to urge British tourists in Spain to use balconies safely. The Foreign Office (FCO
Freedom of religion and belief can help in the struggle against violent extremism. The connection between these issues may not be immediately obvious, but the spread of violent extremism is one of the biggest challenges we face, and so looking for new ways to tackle it is essential.